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Client Testimonials

Tere Balsinde - Practice Manager Junglelife Animal Hospital

"We here at Junglelife Animal Hospital have had the pleasure of working with Carmen from Healthy Pet Dental Care.   Her calm and loving care with our patients shows us the sincere dedication and expertise that Carmen has in her work.  Her gentle touch eases not only our patients but those loving parents that in trust us with their bundle of joys. We are truly satisfied and happy with Carmen and highly recommend Healthy Pet Dental Care for your pets dental needs." 

Beatriz Osorio - Miami, FL

"Healthy Pet Dental Care, has been taking care of my dog's teeth for over a year and the improvemenet has been overwhelming. One of my dogs had a bad case of gingivitis, with very bad teeth prior to visitng Healthy Pet dental Care.

After the first appointment, Carmen suggested that we do a routine cleaning every quarter, which we have done.

The results have been impressive. My dog, Josephine, not only has much healthier teeth, but also has much healthier gums, and has lost no teeth since we started to do the quarterly cleanings with Carmen. Prior to Carmen, she was loosing teeth at a fast pace.
Not only it gives me a piece of mind to know that my dog has healthier teeth and gums, but also the fact that I don't have to give her anesthesia every time she gets her teeth clean.  It is an easy one hour process for me and the dog."

Eric Baptista - Miami Beach, FL

"I feel Compelled to write a quick message and Thank Carmen for taking such Fantastic Care of Our Precious Gift "Chance"!!! We lost our last Dog to a dental cleaning due to the Vets office putting him "Under"! It left such a scare in our hearts! Now we have educated ourselves and feel empowered in taking care of our little one!

Iwas thrilled and relieved to see him in such Great Spirits when we picked him up! Carmen has such a Magnetic Energy with People and most Importantly with the Animals! My little guy had the biggest Smile on his face on the way home. Priceless!!"

Frank C. -

"Carmen is professional, caring and a pleasure. I will return for this service and would highly recommend it to other dog parents :) "

Alexandra B. -

"Carmen was very knowledgable and my dog loved her. When my dog was with her, she took the time and really made it look amazing. I saw him and could not believe that these were his teeth. Carmen also gave me tips of how to maintain then which is great. Plus, most importantly, my dog still loved her which to me means she did a great job."

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