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Carmen Canton

About Healty Pet Dental Care

Carmen Canton, CVT was born and raised among her many animals in Managua, Nicaragua. At age 19, she moved to Miami, FL and quickly began work at a nearby veterinary hospital.


Her experience there inspired her to pursue her degree in veterinary medicine at CUNY in New York, NY. Having witnessed the risks involved with conventional anesthesia, her initial exposure to safe, non-anesthetic dental cleaning left her feeling both relieved and encouraged that there was a method of providing a safe, preventative health service to pets.

As the public has grown increasingly leary of exposing their furry loved ones to heavy narcotics and invasive surgery, Carmen has been a reliable advocate for preventative health for dogs and cats everywhere.

The best cure for periodontal disease is not to get it in the first place. 

Carmen Canton with Her dog, Teensy.


Carmen is very knowledgable and my dog loves her. She took the time to make my dog's teeth look amazing! She also gave me tips on how to maintain them. Most importantly my dog still loves her, which to me means she did a great job. -Alexandra B.

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